UTC's libraries

A brief presentation

UTC is a public institution specialized in science and technology.  It was created in 1972 as a new model in the French higher education system.


Benjamin Franklin Library

The library is specialized for engineering students (fundamental and branches studies).

Benjamin Franklin Library

Royallieu's research Center Library

The library is specialized for PhD students, lecturer-researcher and ESCOM students.

Royallieu's research Center Library

For the BUTC's proper use

As any public establishments, the BUTC is managed by Rules which define the rights and obligations of all the University's members and by a charter of the library resources proper use.

In the same way, the use of resources is subject to some rules respect.
Many resources (books, magazines, databases…) are now available online from all the computers connected to the UTC's network.

Access licences to these resources, signed by UTC, assume the respect of some terms of use :

  • Access to these electronic resources is for UTC's members only (staff and students), 
  • The use of the resources is strictly professional, that is to say limited to teaching, research and administration activities, 
  • Massive downloading of data (with spam or other techniques of downloading) is prohibited,
  • Documents can be printed or saved ; in the limits of a sensible, non commercial and strictly private use. It is especially prohibited to distribute copies to someone else than the authorized users ; in any format (paper or electronic).
  • Documents cannot be modified, adapted, transformed or translated ; nor used in a way which could infringe the copyright or other related property rights. 

The providers of these resources reserve the right to cancel the contract or to prohibit access to these resources in case of misuse of the service and/or its content. 

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