Science collection

This digital library project was initiated and implemented by the Bibliothèque Interuniversitaire Scientifique Jussieu as part of the four-year 2005-2008 contract of the University Pierre et Marie Curie, with the financial support of the Sous-Direction des Bibliothèques et de l'Information Scientifique. Additional funding given by the Direction de la Technologie enabled a substantial addition to the number of digitized books. Cooperation with lab libraries (for instance the library of the Institut de Minéralogie et de Physique des Milieux Condensés) also permitted an enrichment of the corpus.

Since 2009, the BUPMC is associated with the National Library of France and is consequently granted by the BnF for digitization projects.

The projet includes mainly printed monographs in french language, a few offprints and manuscripts, ranging from the end of the XVIIIth century to the beginning of the XXth century. The corpus is organized in main domains.

  • physics and chemistry (49 volumes),
  • mathematics (60 volumes),
  • XIXth century scientific theses (255 documents),
  • history of geology (about 200 volumes),
  • regional geology (more than 150 volumes),
  • biology, around Alfred Giard's collection (25 volumes),
  • publications of the French geological society, with the Bulletin for the period 1830-1940, the Mémoires published between 1833 and 11912, and the Mémoires série Paléontologie (1890-1923).

In 2013 the digital library numbers over 380 000 digitized pages.

The selection of the corpus followed several criteria :

  • the documents chosen are in the public domain,
  • they do exist in other digital libraries (BNF, CNAM, etc.);
  • their subject is consistent with the four broad domains defined for the project,
  • they present a historical, scientific and educational interest.

This selection would not have been possible without the support and implication of the scientific community.

The library wishes to thank particularly for their help Santiago Aragon, François Couraud, Renée Gatignol, Jean Gaudant, Gabriel Gohau, Catherine Goldstein, Emmanuel Lacôte, Bertrand Laforge, Elisabeth Nicot, Robert Mathieu, Bernard Pajot, Marie-Françoise Quinton, Stéphane Tirard, as well as the members of the UFR 927. The library also thanks M. Buffetaut and Mme Rangin for their contribution to the project concerning the publications of the French geological society.

Charcot collection

This project was implemented by the Service Commun de Documentation Médicale as part of the four-year 2001-2004 contract of the University Pierre et Marie Curie with the Ministère de l'Education nationale. The BIUM(Bibliothèque Interuniversitaire de Médecine) contributed to its realization by assisting in the choice of documents and lending the Revue de l'hypnotisme. The Fondation de France's financial support was also instrumental in ensuring the completion of the project. It has been continued in 2007-2009 by the digitization and the publication online of new sets of documents.

The BUPMC keeps in the Bibliothèque de Neurosciences Jean-Martin Charcot, historical collections mainly constituted by J.-M. Charcot's personal library (books, journals, theses and offprint collections, manuscripts, observations, neurological covering the second part of the XIXth century) to which is added the Salpêtrière Interns' library (books, journals, neurology and psychiatry theses for the period 1900-1950).
Part of these collections was digitized with the double aim of preserving the original documents and ensuring the valorization of collections notable for their iconography:

  • manuscripts of lessons by J.-M. Charcot (1825-1893).
  • volumes of his complete works dealing with illnesses of the nervous system.
  • atlases with remarkable illustrations.
  • rare journals, such as the Revue de l'Hypnotisme or the famous Iconographie Photographique de la Salpêtrière (3 volumes of observations of hystero-epileptic patients, with photographic illustrations of the different moments of the crisis)

In 2009-2010, new sets of documents have been published to complete the Charcot digital collection,in particular the Archives de neurologie (1880-1907), the Nouvelle Iconographie de la Salpêtrière (1888-1918) and the Recherches cliniques et thérapeutiques sur l'épilepsie, l'hystérie et l'idiotie (1872-1906).